simpson river

The Simpson River, with headwaters in Argentina and flowing roughly northwest, is in the Aysen fjord rain forest, in Chile’s most sparsely populated region. On its way to the Aysen River the Simpson is joined by Mañihuales and Paloma rivers, both fine trout streams.

The Simpson has both rainbow and brown trout, as well as a strong early season (October to January) Chinook salmon run. It is primarily a dry fly stream, but some of its tributaries seem to be designed as nymphing paradises. Other tributaries (for example, the Emperador Guillermo River) are renowned for their hopper fishing.

We can walk the float the Simpson, throwing big terrestrial dry flies or, as conditions may require, match the hatch with small mayflies or caddises.

The presence of hundreds of lakes and a large number of tributary streams combined with the warmth of the people inhabiting this stunning landscape make this a destination not to be missed.

baker river

Southwest of Lake General Carrera, the second largest in South America, with its incredible views of the northern ice field, lies Lake Bertrand. From Lake Bertrand is born the Baker River, which flows southeast for 370 kilometers. Its watershed, comprising 26,726 square kilometers (10,319 square miles), is the second most extensive in Chile. The Baker, famous for its large October-to-December caddis hatches, has both rainbow and brown trout.
With its turquoise-colored water and incredible scenery, this beautiful river will transform you. Come discover it and learn why this incredible stream is on the bucket list of so many fly fishers.
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